Beauty ritual


Ghassoul is a volcanic clay coming exclusively from MOROCCO. It is a 100% natural and ecological rock used to rid the skin of its deepest impurities.

The Ghassoul
PURE HERITAGE ESSAOUIRA degreases the skin, regulates the sebum. It has astringent properties. It is also used as a shampoo.
Ghassoul contains no surfactant and cleans mechanically by absorbing impurities and grease. It respects the hydrolipidic film of the skin and the hair and does not irritate the sebaceous glands.
It is used to prepare shampoos made of soft paste and purifying thanks to its ability to absorb impurities without irritating the skin.

It is an essential element of the rituals of the hammam.

To use on a hair mask on wet hair: Mix the Ghassoul powder with warm water or the hydrosol of your choice until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous paste. Leave a quarter of an hour while doing circular movements on your scalp from time to time. Rinse thoroughly with clear water.
This mask is ideal for oily hair but also for fine hair to give volume and shine.
On the face and body, allow to rest until completely absorbed. Rinse with clear water.

100% ghassoul powder.

Black soap

Black soap is traditionally used in the hammam ritual. Combined with a horsehair glove, it is ideal for a deep body scrub. Black soap PURE HERITAGE ESSAOUIRA  promotes the elimination of dead skin and restores radiance to your skin.

For optimal efficiency, allow the pores of the skin to open on contact with water vapor, take a black soap bar PURE HERITAGE ESSAOUIRA , spread it on a horsehair glove then apply firm massage on the skin using the glove. After the exfoliation, rinse your skin by rubbing it with a previously rinsed glove.
Recommended for a weekly exfoliating treatment or as a daily soap for the shower.

Water, olive oil, Potassium hydroxide