Know us

Our history

Created by a Franco Moroccan couple, PURE HERITAGE ESSAOUIRA is the fruit of a passion for the natural and precious products offered by nature and more particularly the natural cosmetics of MOROCCO.
Through our various meetings, travel to MOROCCO and all over the world, we wanted to combine what is more precious, more pure as ingredients to offer you the excellence and the refinement that your skin deserves.
is more than a brand, it symbolizes our values and our commitment to nature and respect for people.

Find us

PURE HERITAGE ESSAOUIRA wants to be the brand ambassador of the Moroccan beauty heritage to the world combining quality, finesse and excellence.
Whether you are an individual or a professional, do not hesitate to contact us, PURE HERITAGE ESSAOUIRA  teams are at your disposal.

Our partners

Our company is based in Essaouira and our premises are organized in the form of a laboratory ensuring optimal conditions of hygiene and food safety. We produce in our laboratory our own vegetable oils guaranteed first cold pressing.
Our oils have been certified since the creation of our company by ECOCERT, BIO and USDA. It is the guarantee of our seriousness and our respect of the procedures and standards of hygiene and traceability.
PURE HERITAGE ESSAOUIRA  aims to have a range of valuable products such as argan oil, prickly pear seed oil and nigella oil. For this reason, we only use amandons from women’s work and manually crushed.
To this end, we are working closely with women’s cooperatives to sustain a source of high quality raw materials and thus perpetuate the know-how of Moroccan Berber women in their rural areas.